Common Questions

What is the best way to apply the product?

If you are using the tanning mousse I highly recommend you apply this with a self-tanning mitt. This will ensure no mess to your hands and provide a flawless, streak free application. Pump product onto the mitt and them apply mousse in circular motion on clean skin.  Go lightly on the hands and feet with both products. These are the driest areas of the skin and tend to absorb more of the solution causing a darker more unnatural appearance. You can put a very light layer of moisturizer on those areas before to help with this issue.

Application recommendations:

1 coat for a light tan

2 coats for a medium tan

3 coats for a dark tan

How long until my tan develops?

You will see instant color due to a cosmetic bronzer, however the actual tan will take from 8-12 hours to fully develop. Do NOT shower or get wet until that time as you will risk washing off the self-tanner. When you finally shower you will see color washing off. No need to be alarmed as that is just the cosmetic bronzer that is washing off and you will have a beautiful tan underneath.

When you rinse do not use any loofas, washcloths, anything exfoliating or bar soaps containing Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) .When getting out of the shower BLOT your skin with a towel. Pat dry and DO NOT RUB!

Tanning Tips

When you first shower you will see color washing off. This is only the cosmetic bronzer from the application and your developed tan is not washing off. 

Do not wash your hands or get them wet for at least 8 hours after application. Use rubber gloves if you have to use the sink for anything.

Wear loose fitting dark clothing after application. Avoid socks & boots until the tan fully develops (I recommend flip flops or sandals with an open toe) it washes off most fabrics but can temporally stain some clothes. Do not wear wool, silk or nylon immediately after as it can stain those materials. Avoid wearing anything red as that color can react with the tan and turn the tan green!

Avoid the rain until after you shower. Water can ruin or hinder the development of a sunless tan so make sure you have an umbrella and watch for puddles if you need to go out. Do not let pets lick your sunless tan.

Wait at least 24 hours to shave as shaving can cause fading. Try to shave only as needed & use a sharp new razor & hair conditioner instead of shaving cream.

Do not do any spa treatments for a few days after your tan (pedicures, waxing, and massages) as these treatments can fade or remove the tan.

Avoid any waxing, baby oil, chlorine or salt water pools, hot tubs, mineral oil or massage oil

Using any anti-aging or acne products will cause the tan to fade.

Will I turn orange?

Many people have unfortunately turned that dreaded orange from a professional spray tan or from another self-tanning product in the past . However the orange color is usually a result of the following:

  1. A salon using a product too strong for your skin tone
  2. The tech having a heavy hand and applying too much product on your skin.
  3. You had picked a self-tanning product too strong for your skin tone (Just because you want extra dark does not mean your skin can take it).
  4. The product has a low quality form of dha.
  5. You had a heavy hand and applied too much product to your skin causing it to over process.

My products should not turn you orange unless you apply with a heavy hand. My dha is of the best and purest quality.

If you have fair skin that has trouble tanning in the sun or new to self-tanning I strongly recommend the following options:

  1. Start with just 1 coat of the regular tanning mousse ( You can always reapply 2 coats the next time)

Will I turn blotchy?

My products are professional grade and should not turn you blotchy. If that happens it is normally a result of not following proper pre tan instructions and post tan care. Please take a few minutes and read through ALL the common questions and answers on my site for the best instructions and tips to help you achieve the best results.

If you are hormonal or on medications that can alter the results of the self-tanner as well causing blotchy or unevenness.

When will my order ship?

Please allow up to 48 hours processing for all orders Monday-Friday. All orders are shipped USPS. Once the product is shipped you will get an email confirmation with tracking information.

Due to the nature of the product, in warm weather orders might not be shipped out on Fridays so they are not sitting in a hot warehouse.

I always burn in the sun and never tan. Can I still get a sunless tan?

Absolutely! Just start off with a light application. But please be aware that the product does not contain sunscreen and you can burn over a self-tanner

How long will the tan last?

It will last anywhere from 5-9 days depending on how diligent you follow post tan instructions and moisturizing. Remember a fake tan is on the outer layer of the skin, so anything you do to cause exfoliation will cause the tan to fade quicker.

It is imperative that you moisturize at least 2x a day and avoid the following:

Hot baths, pools,hot tubs, commercial bar soaps, exfoliating body washes, baby oil moisturizers & loofahs. I highly recommend using a body lotions free of drying alcohols. It can help extend your airbrush tan for up to 2 weeks in some cases.

How often should I moisturize

Moisturizing is a crucial part post tan. If you do not use a quality moisturizer that is alcohol and sls free your tan can fade in patches and start to look blotchy.

With the regular self-tanner do not moisturize until AFTER you take your first shower. With the rapid tan wait until the next day. After that in order to get best results and longevity you must moisturize at least 2x per day. The DHA in the tanning lotion reacts to the outer layers of the skin. The more you moisturize will delay natural exfoliation which will prolong your tan. If you don't, your skin will get dry and your tan will fade quickly & fade poorly.

How much product should I use?

When it comes to self-tanning remember the golden rule of less is more! You can always go back and reapply more if you are not dark enough after the first application. That is a much better result than over applying and turning an unnatural shade!

If you are extremely fair and cannot tan in the sun start off by applying just 1 coat of the mousse.

Skin tones that are darker and that can tan nicely in the sun can apply 2 coats of the self-tanning mousse for a medium shade and 3 coats for a dark color result. *Remember to err on the side of caution and start easy as you can always increase*

Many times when a person looks orange it is the result of not the product but due to a heavy hand applying too much product * If you use the mousse and would like darker results after the first shower you can reapply an additional coat the next day.

Can I reuse the tanning mitt?

Yes you can. You can also rinse it out in the sink as well and let it air dry.

How long after application do I have to wait to work out?

Do not exercise or do anything that will make your sweat while the tan is developing. Refrain from ANY skin to skin contact until you have showered. If you do not follow this you will be preventing the tan from fully developing which can result in patches and streaking. After you have taken the shower and the tan has developed you can exercise.

Please keep in mind that this is a cosmetic. The more you sweat and workout can cause the tan to fade the tan quicker.

Can I swim with the self-tanner on?

Not while it is developing. Pools and saltwater can cause the tan to fade or become patchy. So prolonged water activities can affect the sunless tan.